Netflix has completed a busy week in Europe after launching its video streaming service in Belgium and Luxembourg. These launches follow its hotly-anticipated arrival in France, and launches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland earlier this week and are part of its ambitious European expansion program. The company says it is targeting an estimated 63 million households with broadband across these six countries. The Netflix service itself is available for €7.99 in EU countries, and 11.90 Swiss Francs in Switzerland. In addition to Netflix treasures like Orange is The New Black, and its new comedy Bojack Horseman, the company says it will deliver…

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Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.03.51 AM WHOOPS. On the upside, it doesn’t look like the screen got too busted up. Plus, hey, even if it was shattered… at least he got a U2 album out of it*. [* haha just kidding no one wants that] Read More

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Arizona Commerce Authority and Tech Council launch TechConnect
The blog and e-magazine, a partnership publication by the commerce authority and tech council, will serve provide news and insights on technology trends and industry advancements, developments in the startup community and legislative policies that …

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Texas Tech: Defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt resigns; report: departure
Dallas Morning News (blog)
Wallerstedt joined Kingsbury’s staff in the spring of 2013 and recently coached the third game of his second season at Texas Tech. Mike Smith, co-defensive coordinator, will lead the defense for the remainder of the year alongside Kevin Curtis, Trey

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It’s curious what people get attached to. Despite the huge number of changes to the photography apps in Apple’s iOS 8, a controversy has erupted over a single, universally loved feature — the Camera Roll, and Apple’s decision to remove it from the Photos app where it has resided these many years. The Camera Roll was not only a way for the app to organize photos, it became a part of the lexicon, with its own identity. I believe people related to the Camera Roll because it had a clear and unambiguous meaning: The Camera Roll means all your pictures. And now it’s gone. The camera…

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Reports: Texas Tech cans DC Matt Wallerstedt
The apparent decision to can Wallerstedt, in his second season at Tech, comes just five days after Arkansas ran over, through and around the Red Raiders in an embarrassing 49-28 loss Saturday in Lubbock. In that game, the Razorbacks ran for 438 yards …

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“Hardly a major brand name” doing business in Malaysia is untainted by the use of forced labor from trafficked workers, according to a study backed by the US Department of Labor. Read the rest

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Mobile Game Dev Project Management
I am a student currently doing Digital and Interavtive Games and my current Assignment is a spread sheet I need to fill out, I am finding it hard to find the right information to help me fill out the Spread Sheet so I thought I’d come here and see if

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Diaz holds Tech’s defense to high standards
Monroe News Star
The comments might be alarming since Tech forced six straight three-and-outs and held the Mean Green to just three total yards midway through the second quarter, but if you watched the whole game, they aren’t. As Diaz noted Wednesday, Tech’s defenses …

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klarna-ecommerce The payments market in the U.S. couldn’t be be more competitive, and now yet another player is entering the mix. Stockholm-based Klarna is set to announce its U.S. team ahead of expansion plans into North America, which will begin in earnest at the beginning of 2015. Klarna, a European giant, which has raised $282.1 million over six rounds of financing, according to CrunchBase, has set… Read More

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